I'm seeing a login / prompt window showing over and over again / My subscription is not properly restoring...what should I do?

If you're on a kids device, ensure in-app purchases are enabled, which are required for subscriptions to work.

If you're trying to restore your purchase, you may see a "Purchase Incomplete" dialog but the subscription should be restored as long as you are using the same Apple ID. The following steps can help as well. What's essentially happening is Apple is attempting to verify your subscription. So it takes a few moments for it to become activated. 

1) Ensure the same Apple ID is being used.

2) Download the app fresh (delete it from your device first and reinstall from the App Store).

3) Add a few topics (playlists) to your library.

4) Check the settings of the app. You should see something that reads your subscription is active. 

a) If it's not, put the app in the background temporarily. 

b) Then come back in to the app. 

5) Tap the "Watch in Kids Mode" button; you can also check the settings to confirm the subscription is active. 

If you're trying to activate your subscription on multiple devices and still having problems not covered above, please contact us so we can help further.